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Many businesses struggle to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. To achieve this, many organisations wish to participate in marketing activity as a means of achieving their business objectives.

However for most, the time and resources necessary to develop and communicate a focused marketing message are consumed by current business and operational concerns.

Marketing Partners can provide full or part solutions which are both tangible and measurable while all the time tailored to the needs of your business and the marketing budget at your disposal.

Virtual Marketing Department
Marketing Partners offer all companies the opportunity to outsource their marketing strategy and operations to a hands on, expert agency. We can fulfill every communications need, from high-level brand strategy to tactical marketing initiatives and market research services.

We partner with your business to plan and execute marketing and advertising campaigns to increase the size and power of your brand in the marketplace.


Campaign Development and Execution
Many organisations wish to advertise their companies but are often unsure how to do so in a cost effective, measurable fashion. In many cases, the return on investment of this advertising is not measured and so its effectiveness is never quantified.

Marketing Partners are experts in local and national campaign planning and execution. We can provide discounted media rates and preferential placements. We plan integrated campaigns which reflect your target market and budget and uses all available mediums to provide optimum exposure for your brand.


An online presence is now seen as an essential marketing and sales tool for any retail or service business. Driving traffic to your website increases brand awareness and increases your exposure to potential clients. These websites also have the opportunity of developing online sales.

Marketing Partners provide a range of sites and for you to choose from with a differing bundle of features provided on each.

Assistance is provided in terms of layout and copy writing while all sites are provided with the search engine optimisation capabilities and the potential to leverage google adwords.


Personal Profiler

For businesses:
With organisations we offer a psychometric testing service.  Psychometric tests can be used for selection and development/succession planning purposes- to provide a profile of :

  1. An employee’s abilities- their capabilities to perform certain tasks e.g. verbal ability, numerical ability, abstract reasoning ability.
  2. An employee’s personality- their behavioural tendencies at work (we assess them across 20 dimensions)

 This allows us to ensure these employees are a best fit for both your brand an their position in your organisation.

For the individual:
Marketing Partners offer individuals a chance to assess their personal brand through psychometric testing, interview analysis, CV development and coaching.

Through these elements, we seek to identify your core brand values provide you with the means to promote yourself to employers using these values.


Market Research
Marketing Partners provide a range of qualitative and quantitative solutions which are bespoke to the needs and budget of your organisation.



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