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Your brand exists in the mind of the consumer and is affected by every interaction (positive and negative) your customer has with the brand. By benchmarking your brand’s role and relevance in the marketplace and comparing versus your competitors, your business receives has a relative view of your positioning in the marketplace.

Our role varies from client to client however we consistently offer clients expertise, objectivity and sense of perspective which we bring to all our clients.
From a brand development or re-branding perspective we offer all (or any of the following)

Identifying Brand Values
This is the start point of any brand or re-brand development. We assist you to establish core values that you wish to be associated with your brand.

Developing a brand proposition
The brand proposition is predominantly an internal document or statement which establishes the key benefits of your brand to the marketplace and how those benefits are presented. It also serves to establish the position of the business relative to competitive alternatives in the marketplace.

Logo and tagline development
Logo and taglines are the most obvious physical manifestation of your brand and are used to succinctly communicate your brand values and proposition. They appear on all external communications from your company and can become your most valuable branding asset.

Brand communications strategies and execution
Many organisations wish to advertise their companies but are often unsure how to do so in a cost effective, measurable fashion.

Marketing Partners are experts in integrated local and national campaign planning and execution. Our plans reflect your target market and budget while using all available mediums to provide optimum exposure for your brand.

Brand tracker programmes
To measure the size / power of your brand as well as the effectiveness of your branding activities it is important that regular brand tracking programmes are undertaken.
These studies are conducted periodically to measure awareness, values associated, advertising recall etc. These elements are also assessed for competitive alternatives to provide benchmark data.

These studies allow us to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and assist in developing brand strategy into the future.



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