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Much of our work is focused around qualitative and quantitative research techniques which provide our clients with insightful feedback and brand perceptions from their customers / clients. Marketing Partners are experts in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies as well as specialising in online and panel research.


Qualitative Research

Focus Groups
Focus groups are a key element of marketing strategy, allowing clients to explore in detail the motivations of consumer actions and preferences.

Marketing Partners boast one of the few research viewing facilities in Ireland consisting of a purpose built boardroom and viewing facility for the facilitation of focus groups of up to 10 participants and up to 12 company / agency representatives at any one time.

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In-Depth Interviews
In-depth interviews provide clients with a chance to ascertain customer opinions on sometimes complex issues regarding their relationship with the client brand.

Marketing Partners research team are experienced in these interview techniques and clients have often found the one on one in-depth approach generates more ideas and provides greater insights than the group approach.

Marketing Partners employ this technique predominantly as a means of assessing staff performance and / or customer activity in a retail or service setting.

This direct, first hand observation of daily behaviour, in a natural environment, is often the initial phase of a broader internal marketing programme or staff / customer assessment programme. (See CSI)


Quantitative Research

Face-to-face street interrupts
Marketing Partners currently have a database of over 100 trained researchers who conduct research assignments on an ongoing basis across Ireland and the UK.
We find that these types of interviews provide greater “research depth” through use of physical prompts and the examination of respondent body language.

Telephone Interviews
Telephone interviews are ideal for collecting data from a geographically dispersed sample. Most useful for structured questionnaires, they provide clients with a random sample and a cost efficient means of conducting a national or international survey.

Online Quantitative
Marketing Partners currently a representative panel of over 2,000 Irish consumers and 5,000 internationally who actively take part in a range of specific and omnibus surveys. This medium is inexpensive and provides extremely quick turnaround and reporting times when compared to other methodologies.

Panel / Household Research:
Marketing Partners have developed and maintained a household panel over the past 5-7 years. It now contains over 500 households and details are updated on a 6 monthly basis .This panel is used for monthly omnibus surveys and is often used for bespoke client research.



Tradewinds is a business to business intelligence tool which provides our clients with customer perceptions of their brand relative to their competitors. Using a mix of in-depth interviews and quantitative surveys, core brand values (and the elements which make up those values) are identified then ranked and rated by customers. Based on these results, the Tradewinds team assist in driving company, divisional or individual change to enhance brand performance.


Customer Service Insights (CSI)
CSI programmes ascertain how the consumer’s perceive your brand during a typical customer interaction. Assessments are also conducted with your competitors as a means of benchmarking your performance.

Using a panel of over 1,000 trained assessors, we provide in-store, telephone and online assessments. Reports are turned around in a matter of days using our proprietary online system. Results of CSI programmes have been used to increase customer retention and loyalty and have become a mainstay of client training programmes.

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